Welcome to Fitiri-Atman

The parent company 'Fitiri' was formed in 2001 to provide the latest advancements made in IT sector to Oil and Gas and Chemical Process Industries. Since that time, the company has created a portfolio of solutions that incorporate mobile technology for chemical plant monitoring system, like our product PlantMS - an interactive chemical plant controls and automation solution and also other solutions based on modern technologies which have been successfully implemented globally in large companies.

Fitiri-Atman, an independent corporation focuses on fulfilling the HR requirements of the IT and Engineering industries. Fitiri stands for First time right and Atman in Sanskrit means Soul, as the right fitting people are the soul of any industry.

ERP Staffing

Businesses today are functioning as global value networks and its leaders within the information technology industry are challenged to develop new technologies - mobility initiatives, cloud computing, applications support, security and adaptive services in order to keep up with the latest trends and competitive developments. Both research and experience indicate that the human element is a major driver in the success of any business.

At Fitiri-Atman, our tactical understanding and deep insights into IT Human Capital Management, predominantly in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) domain, enable us to ensure consistent results in providing the right fit, the first time. Our strategic placements, trainings and assessments are based on our proprietary hiring methodology called Fitiri Endeavor.

We research, screen, retain and deploy skilled IT professional resources, working across many technology platforms and infrastructures (with large talent pool in SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft and others), to service our client's varied requirements - whether for one resource or a group of resources working in different technologies.

The methodology followed for human resource talent recognition and engagement for exceeding the client's expectations for any placement role.
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We provide experienced resources on all technologies who can harness the power of IT, prominently in SAP arena.
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